Music Composition Tools

The Music Composition Tools Android application is a set of tools that simplify work with musical scales and chords.  These tools are practical for both music composition and educational purposes.  Additionally these tools are fun to use and can even be used as a form of recreation as pressing any of the displayed scales or chords plays their sound.  The user can hear what they sound like without having to know how to play a musical instrument.  This allows the novice to quickly gain an insightful understanding of music theory and, perhaps, develop and desire to pursue the subject formally.  This link will redirect you to the GooglePlay web site for more information.  This application is avaaible on Android phonesby going to GooglePlay and searching for "Music Composition Tools".

FFT Synthesizer

A Microsoft Windows GUI program that generates mixed-radix FFT code in the C and C++ languages. This program built by us using only the standard C++ libraries and no external code. 

// Microsoft (R) File Checksum Integrity Verifier V2.05
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
a3835d31a74ab4e066ecedaedcb5d61d      fftsynthesiswingui.exe